Insight Molecular Labs provides research and clinical trial support services for pharmaceutical, biotech and research organizations. Through our collaborations with these partners, we are dedicated to accelerating the approval and adoption of targeted therapies and precision medicine. As a certified laboratory for Molecular Diagnostic testing, with CMS CLIA certificationState of TN licensure, and CAP accreditation we serve the unique needs of cancer clinical trials, including:

  • Sensitivity to timelines 
  • Implementation of strict Quality standards 
  • Flexibility to accommodate unique logistics and reporting requirements
  • Strict sample handling procedures to ensure preservation of precious patient specimens
  • Security measures to ensure protection of specimens and data
  • Rapid reporting of untestable Quality/Quantity Not Sufficient (QNS) specimens
  • Assay verification/validation support

Insight Molecular Labs offers diagnostic tests that identify key cancer biomarkers and genetic mutations. Our areas of focus are triple negative breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and comprehensive inhibitor resistance monitoring by liquid biopsy. Our goal is to provide tests to inform the most appropriate therapy for a patient, monitor a patient’s response to a therapy, or determine if the patient has become resistant to a prescribed cancer treatment.

Note: Testing performed at I.G. Laboratories acting as Insight Molecular Labs